Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crafty stuff!

I thought I would put some pictures on of where I do my cards and my recent purchases!
I have my own craft room now, in our last house I used to take over the dining table and we could never sit at it!
Now I just make a mess in here, the only bad thing is there is no door on this room, so I can't hide my mess! lol
I have also taken a pic of some of my Pocket Dragons that I collect and my ology books that I mentioned in my profile.


Dawn said...

Wow what a great room and all for crafting too.
.....and you come from Paisley - amazing - How did you end up in WA?This is what I love about the craft community meeting new people from far and wide!


cats whiskers said...

Oh wow what a fantstic craft room, I am soooo jealous.
Hugs Jacqui x

Happy Crafter said...

Hi, You have a great craft room i too am soooooo jealous i take up nearly all the dinning room we never have room to sit at table well i say we i sit at it but only to craft lol.
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.
You have a great blog and make some wonderful stuff :)
Hugs Val xxx